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All documents are Copyright (c) 2005 by the Rosacea Research Foundation. No images or text may be reproduced without written permission from the foundation.

Privacy Policy

This site is operated and maintained by:

Rosacea Research Foundation, PO Box 10538, Portland, OR 97296 U.S.A.,

The Rosacea Research Foundation is committed to personal privacy for everyone who uses our Website, becomes a supporter, or contacts us for any reason.

The Rosacea Research Foundation declares that personal information, including the data transmitted between your computer and our computers, paper records and supporter information will only be used by us to better serve you. We will not sell, lend or give supporters' (or ex-supporters') information to any outside person, organization, or company for any reason, at any time.

Our objective is to obtain funding from the public specifically to research treatments and possible cures for Rosacea. The Rosacea Research Foundation will only contact you directly if you have provided your email address and have opted-in to receive our communications, or if you contact us and require a response to your inquiry.

We understand the importance of information security. We are committed to personal privacy on the Internet and on paper. If you have questions or concerns about privacy-related matters, email The Rosacea Research Foundation via the Contact Us page.

The Rosacea Research Foundation reserves the right to review this Privacy Policy from time to time.


The information provided by the Rosacea Research Foundation is for information only and does not constitute medical advice. Always consult your registered medical practitioner before altering any treatment regime.


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