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What is the Rosacea Research Foundation ?

The Rosacea Research Foundation is made up of 3 groups of people: our supporters, the Board of Directors, and a Medical Advisory Committee.


Our supporters make up the core of our organization. Supporters are rosacea sufferers and their friends and family. Our supporters are our motivation to find new treatments, relief, and ultimately a cure for rosacea.

Find out more about how to become a supporter.

The Board of Directors

The Board of The Rosacea Research Foundation is dedicated to steering the organization to success in achieving its goals. The Board members are all volunteers as well as rosacea sufferers. As sufferers, they are therefore uniquely able to lead the way forward.

Learn more about the Board of Directors.

The Medical Advisory Committee

The Medical Advisory Committee is responsible for allocating the foundation's research funds. The committee consists of medical experts, recognized for their leadership in the area of rosacea and research. Several members of the Medical Advisory Committee are also rosacea sufferers.

Learn more about the Medical Advisory Committee.


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